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I am student from Bogor Agricultural university (IPB) . This year, I granted by PPA Scholarship from IPB and Goodwill International Scholarship Leadership Program , one of the scholarship that adopts potential students. Im so proud to be Goodwillers. This scholarsip only for IPB and UI student.

I like social activities. When I was in Senior High School, I found Darul Ulum, an organization which teaches the children to learnt Al-Quran and English. The students that I have done to taught about 60 children’s. I also involve my self in other organization in my University.


I am Lutfi Afifah, 21 years old. Now I am study in IPB, majoring in Plant Protection and minor in Communication. My parents name is Drs. Mujiono, work as Teacher in SMP N 02 Ponorogo and Susilowati work as housewife. When I was in Junior High School, I lived in a Cottage. The name is “Pondok Pesantren Pertama Durisawo”. During 3 years I lived in a cottage, I also study a lot about Islam and I have done finished study many yellow book called “Kitab Kuning” like Akidah akhlak, Bulughul maram, Tafsir djalalain, Siroh nabawiyah, etc. In a cottage was learnt how to live together with many different background.

In my formerly school, SMA N 02 Ponorogo, I also used to teach children in Pinggirsari village, one of the village in Ponorogo. I taught children to learnt Al-Quran and English. I was happy to give my contribution to my village. When I was 2nd grade in my senior high school, I represent of SMA N 02 in Biology Olympiad in my regency and I got the best 5th. Not only that but I also got 2nd winner Biology Olympiad in Malang State University (UNM). I also took an English course along 2 semesters till intermediate class. Beside that when there was final examination (UAN) I got the best mark among students. Due to my good academic and my social activities, so I took a PMDK program, program to enter University without test. Lucky to me, I got 3 awards from 3 University.

I succeed enter University without test. There was 3 university that received me as their students. First, IPB majoring in Plant Protection, Agriculture Faculty. Second, UNEJ (Universitas Negeri Jember) majoring in Public Health, Medicine Faculty. Third, UNESA (Universitas Negeri Surabaya) majoring in Biology, MIPA Faculty. Then I decided to take IPB because I love agriculture. I want to develop our agriculture and help farmer to solve their problems.

Now, in my University, I took an English course and Germany course in  Language Laboratory (Unit Bahasa IPB). I also have some experiences in research about Plant pest and disease. In this year, I get receiver fund from DIKTI sector of research in Student Creativity Programs (PKM). I became a leader of research in 1 title of research. I also had a freelance in Balitkabi Malang (Balai Penelitian Tanaman Kacang-kacangan dan Umbi-umbian), Center of Research about Legume and Tubers in Indonesia, as a research some food crop disease from client.

I am lecture assistant in several subject. First, I am lecture assistant in Study of Biology of Plant Pathology and taught about 86 students majoring in Plant Protection. Second, lecture assistant in Study of Basic of Plant Pest and taught about 80 students majoring in Plant Protection. Third, lecture assistant in Study of Basic of Communication and taught about 52 student majoring in Marine science and Agronomy Horticulture. Fourth, lecture assistant in study of Entomology majoring in Plant Protection.

Recently, I followed Expedition of Fisherman village in Gebang Cirebon, West Java. This event makes me know more experiences about Marine and Fisheries that related with agriculture.

I have involved my self to many organization and activities like BEM agriculture faculty as HRD, Entomology Club, Association students of Ponorogo “Manggolo Putro”, Leadership and Entrepreneurship School (LES) BEM KM IPB etc.

I want to develop my ability in Leadership and also in Entrepreneurship. Beside that, I have big motivation in my education and other activities .

-Dasar wong jowo ^^-

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