Going to Europe

Hi guys…

Hehee… how’s live? Everything is well, right?

Hmm… yup! Today I’ve passed my exam. fyuhhh.. I’ve passed 3 exams in this week. The subject are Broadcast media, Science of Soil, and Biotechnology of Plant Protection!! So easy… amin.. Hope this semester I’ll get the best GPA.. 4,00!! Hahahaaa… Nothing is impossible not impossible is nothing, right?

Today it’s time for write anything that I want to write and to dismiss all in my mind, break down the problems and to dreaming future but not day dreaming guys! Hihii…

Have you recognizing me?? Hmm… I’m the most beautiful girl in IPB. Hueeekk…

(I’ve stomachache…)..

Just stays at your computer and you have to read my live story. Yaah.. About 3,5 years I’ve lived in Bogor. Some say that I’m not Javanese people like ordinary. Even, many people guest me as Sumatran people. Hmm.. it’s possible they say like that. Due to my environment, my friends, and others have been influenced to me.

If you look for the person who have big motivation?

Yes, I’m the right person!

If you look for the people who have a dream to study abroad?

Yes, I’m the right person!

“Actually I really want to follow my sister study record. Let’s call her “Miss Alhamdulillah”. She was graduated from IPB on late 2009. She was a forester! She took one of major in Faculty of Forestry IPB. I don’t know what the month exactly. As I know, when I’m in the first grade in and she was in forth grade in IPB (Now, I’ve still run. Like 47’ look for 44’. That’s same). She like an ordinary student. She was good in her social activities. When she was in Senior high school, she represents her school to follow “Kakang Senduk”. Annual event in Grebeg Suro (one of our traditional event) to choose student who will be Icon of Province. Yaahh.. she is smart. She fulls the category of winner. Brain, beauty, and behavior. Haaha…. Like Indonesian Prince. She ever be a lecture assistant in campus. She was also ever gone to Papua… as my remember. But it’s not clear to me. But EXACTLY nowadays, she is in GERMANY. She continues her study in Master Degree.

Yapphh….. She got an ERASMUS MUNDUS SCHOLARSHIP. Subhanallah.…. really I want it! Up to now, I have big determined to look for information about this scholarship and prepare to go EUROPE on 2012 to continue my study in Master Degree. Mohon doanya ya….”

If you want to look for a girl who interested on higher education?

Yes, I’m the right person!

If you want to look for a girl who interested to improve English, French, and Germany languages?

Yes, I’m the right person!

“Yaph.. It will not to be question when someone enter work world. Can you speak English? Ohh… so sad! If someone only could answer “Yes, but little sir”..

I mean it’s a necessary for all the people to speak up in English. And I think that others international languages it’s able to study and to improve our skill communications.

If you want to look for the girl who interested in Communication?

Yes, I’m the right person!

“I always improve my communication skill anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. As the implication. When I was in 6th semester I enrolled lecture assistant in Communication major in IPB. And lucky to me. I accepted as lecture assistant. I taught Basic of Communication. I thought about 52 students come from any major in IPB. They come from Marine and Fishery Faculty, Economic and Management Faculty, and Forestry Faculty. I’m so happy to recognizing all of them. Nowadays, I still be a lecture assistant in study Basic of Communication. But, I teach different student. They are from Agronomy and Horticulture major from Agriculture Faculty. I teach about 48 students.

If you want to look for the girl who interested in Entomology, Fitopathology, and other Plant Pest Science?

Yes, I’m the right person!

“Don’t answer me about that! Heheee…. Because if you want to ask to me about all the science about plant pest, So.. The answer is YES! YES… YES!!. Don’t doubt about that! If you have a problem about your plant. Just call me.. As my responsible as Doctor of Plant”.

Due to this is my field. I have to understand about that. I want to improve our agriculture product and reduce the use of Pesticide. And alternate those to Biopesticide and Habitat maintain.

I’ve got a trust as lecture assistant in many subjects in my own major “Plant Protection Department”. I’ve teached subject of Biology of Plant Pathology, Plant Pest Science, and subject of Entomology. I’ve usual to be a lecture assistant. I’ve usual to deal with many students. I love doing this!

If you want to look for a Scholarship Hunter girl?

Yes, I’m the right person!

“Yeahh…. Someday my friends told me.. Hey, Lutfi is it your new hobby? (I’m so confused) “What’s that? She laughs…. (hahhaaa..) Your new hobby is interview, right? Hahaaaa…. “Of course!” my answered.

Yuph, she is my friend. Let’s call miss SA. She also one of my friend who have one mission with me. There are many scholarships that I have been applied. And the result. I got 3 scholarships. PPA. BBM, and Goodwill International Scholarship. Goodwill International Scholarship provides the highest scholarship. That’s provided tuition fees, monthly expanses, and leadership training. The nominal of this scholarship count about 800$/year. I’m to be proud of this.

If you want to look for a best candidate to be a good wife?

May, I’m the right person!??? Hah..ceilee!!… Hehee… the way still long lut!! I have one principle of this. “The good man will get the good man also. Don’t doubt that! Trust me!! JUST KIDDING BOY!! hahaaa… :D


hope everything is run very well. And we can reach our dream. Someone ever told me “Everyone gets a same chance but the differences is how people make use of the chance”

Good Luck guys!

Best regards ^^

Lutfi Afifah

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