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This blog is a site that contains several sciences (like Agriculture, Technology, Biotechnology, Communication, Plant Protection, Entomology, Fitopatolgy, Nematology, Virology, Bacteriology, Islam, etc), many announcement about several subject in IPB, and my life history. Hope the information that I shared with the reader could increase our knowledge about everything. This blog will use several languages like English, Germany, Indonesia, and also Javanese language because I’m Javanese people. I hope all of us learn several International languages. As we know there are many languages all over the world today and the languages have important role in human density. Our culture and civilization is the product of cooperation among different peoples in the course of human history. And this universal cooperation has been made possible by the existence of mutual understanding among experts in different fields of life. And in its turn this mutual understanding has been possible by communication.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Enjoy and happy reading ^^

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Lutfi Afifah

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